Monday, November 16, 2009

The Countdown: Fantastic Television for Christmas

I figure there's no better way to kick off my TV blogging experience than with a LIST. I like lists. I'll try to lay off the lists, but right now, here's a LIST. Here's a LIST of my favorite, fan favorite, and fantastic TV Christmas specials. Christmas time is approaching, and whether you like it or not, that means ironic weather-related Christmas displays in the SoCal malls, the revulsion yet (strange) appeal of the eggnog latte at Starbucks, credit card debt, wrapping paper, scotch tape, maniac shoppers at the super market, and, best of all, CHRISTMAS THEMED TV.

I will try to post one episode every day for the next ten days. Anyone who enjoys Christmas episodes will enjoy the episodes on this list, I'm sure. I'll try to contextualize (thought not too much), as well as include a link to where you might watch each episode online, so that, one day, in a fit of holiday cheer, if you feel like watching some good TV (Christmas-style), you've got some go-to glory. Realize that my authority on the matter is mostly bullshit. I'm just a girl who truly loves TV and who believes in its power as an art form.

These will mostly be contemporary, circa the past ten years, and they're all part of a series that is/was ongoing. That means: no made-for-TV movies or mini-series type deals, so none of those guilty pleasure romcoms they air all December long on ABC Family (ie: girl gets trapped in snow globe, falls in love with snow globe boy). That also means no "Charlie Brown Christmas" or the Stephen Colbert special or those little stop animation movies from the 1960s. Even though they're awesome. I want to write about serialized TV. Also, these are not necessarily obscure, but I've chosen some episodes that, I think, may be unexpected. Anyway, I implore you to tell me your favorites, especially if they're not on this list. Because like I said, I love TV, and I'm always looking for more to love.

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