Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Perfect Day: a la Movie Scenes

Okay, so this is sort of like borrowed material. I found a link on IMDB to an article from the Misfortune Cookie Blog (, and I thought it would be way fun to emulate it here. In the article, said-blogger gives us what she thinks would be a perfect day, composed of movie scenes from start to finish. So, I thought about it, and I made my own perfect day...Only I decided to add one tiny, little change: bringing TV into the mix--since I love TV. Anyway, what do you think?

GOOD MORNING: "Enchanted" (2007)
If only I could make a dress out of curtains. And summon vermin with a simple melody. Also, if only I got joy out of chores. Most of all, the idea of waking up so refreshed, wearing a big, fancy dress on Patrick Dempsey's couch (yummy) with such refreshed's heavenly. I would also like to welcome each morning with the flawless vocals of Miss almost-princess Giselle. Listen to those high notes. Impressive!

BREAKFAST TIME: "Gilmore Girls" (TV) (2000)
What better way to start the day than with a stack of pancakes at Luke's Diner? I certainly can't think of one. With witty, poppy banter to keep my lips moving and the company of Lorelei, Rory, Babette, Kirk, Taylor, Lane, Miss Patty, Dean, Jess...Oh, how the list grows. Not to mention, the service, which is like a lumberjackier version of Chip 'n Dales, via Luke's gorgeous bod dealing coffee by the pot. Hubba hubba, Lorelei. How did it take you four whole seasons?

OFF TO WORK: "The Shop Around the Corner" (1940)
Let me just say, the last thing I'd want to be is a temp at the Global Credit Association in "Clockwatchers." Parker Posey or not, I don't even care. What I really want to be doing is running a toy company while simultaneously an accidental grown-up via carnival game. That would be awesome. But seriously, seriously. I can't do that. So, instead, I'm clerking at Matuschek's and falling in love with my pen pal (and concurrent co-worker), a man I seemingly hate, but, let's be honest, we're talking Jimmy Stewart here.

LUNCH HOUR: "When Harry Met Sally..." (1989)
Five words: I'll have what she's having. What better way to spend my lunch than with the winsome Harry Burns? The conversation is interesting, always climactic, and my hair looks amazing. Also, there's no better lunch than that one you have with a new friend who will one day turn out to be the one.

HAPPY HOUR: "Sex and the City" (TV) (1998)
Oh, I don't have a specific moment, but I do have a specific drink: Cosmopolitan. Give me trendy New York ambience and a tall, cold glass of pink, my fabulous friends and girl-talk galore. I happen to enjoy the voice over, the "metaphorically speaking," the Mr. Big-isms. And I enjoy the happy hours. Cocktails on me, and, as Samantha might say...hold the tails, boys. You know!

DINNER TIME: "The Graduate" (1967)
Yeah, I said it. I want to stuff my face with burgers and fries, at the drive-in, zipped up in that hot, little red car with Benjamin Braddock. I guess that means being post-titty-tassels, crying in the midst of jeering scoundrels, but whatever. Dustin Hoffman was a hottie in those days. You have to agree. And that stunt he pulls in the end..."ELAINE! ELAINE! ELAINE!" Oh, the romance. And all because of a couple tears and a dinner at the drive-in.

NIGHT OUT: "200 Cigarettes" (1999)
So, apparently it's New Year's Eve. No big deal. I never said it wasn't. Anyway, this is my chance to party with the hot, goth Casey Affleck and to talk with that nucky* New York burr. Oh, and fish nets. "200 Cigarettes" is all about being young, doing stupid shit, the kind you look back at with a quiet smirk. I'll hang with all my colorful characters and shake up the new year in high heel shoes. What else would I rather be doing, if I could do anything in the whole, wide movie world?

*nucky: adj. (invented by me); exactly what it sounds like, nucky

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